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The Watershed Pub- Camp Hill, PA

A week before Christmas, Dana and I intended to surprise Alex by attending his final show at Cumberland Theatre in Maryland. Unfortunately, the weather was not very favorable and by the time we hit Harrisburg, we both realized that the drive there was too tense and then having to drive home when it would be dark and the weather worse would be too much. We had to make the unfortunate decision to cancel going down. Since we had not eaten yet, we decided to find a restaurant close to our location to go to. So while Dana turned around, I Googled restaurants and we decided on going to The Watershed Pub in Camp Hill. It had some good ratings while looking it up, so we wanted to try it out.

It's a cute location that is built into a former home it looks like. They are set up with outdoor seating on a wrap-around porch that was enclosed with heaters for the cold months with the means to take down that enclosure during the warmer months for a lovely outdoor seating venue. At first, I was concerned we would have a wait time as it seemed to be pretty busy based on the parking lot, but it wasn't and we were seated quickly in the upstairs seating area by the upstairs bar. The bar was closed, which is not surprising. It was around 11:30 on a Sunday morning, but at the same time, Sunday brunches around here are pretty popular.

Once we were seated, we took a look at their menu. Since it's brunch, we had the brunch menu which had a limited variety. It was split between small plates and large plates. We were both curious about their Cast Iron Cornbread, which was a buttermilk cornbread I'm a cast iron skillet with candied Jalapenos, Jalapeno honey, and bacon-whipped butter, so that was our appetizer to share. Dana ordered their Shrimp and Grits, and I got their Classic Eggs Benedict. For drinks, Dana got a bloody mary. I wanted a non-alcoholic drink, but instead of getting a lemonade or soda, I got a non-alcoholic cocktail. It was called a Grace Collins and was made with lavender-hibiscus honey syrup, fresh lemon, and club soda.

I am not going to say our service was bad, but it was slow. I got the impression that they were short-staffed on TOP of training new people (the table next to us had their food taken to another table by mistake due to a new person), but overall the staff was very friendly.

We got our cornbread and well... it was lacking. The butter tasted weird, almost bland. The cornbread was dry. It gave us low hopes to start for the rest of the meal. When our entrees were served, we were pleasantly surprised. Dana said that her shrimp and grits were quite good, as was my eggs benedict. It did not have the "traditional" Canadian bacon I was used to (ie. the round ham piece), but it was still pretty good. My only complaint is whatever butter they use just had a weird flavor. Almost as if they were using unsalted butter without also using butter to season.

I give them credit because when the house manager came over and asked us how everything was and when we let him know about the cornbread, he took it off our bill and thanked us because he likes to let the kitchen know so they can adjust. A plus in their favor for that.

Overall, they aren't a bad place to try. I am curious about their dinner menu since we had their brunch menu. If you are in the area, I would at least give them a shot, just not the cornbread.

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