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The Rest of the Herd


Jonathan Handley

A self-proclaimed “adventurous eater” (even if there are some who would disagree); Jonathan has been very fortunate to try so many great eats at a vast variety of places across the country. From Thai food in an old army bunker to donut burgers at a food truck in Oregon there isn’t much he’s not willing to try. However, when given the opportunity this hateful heifer returns to his roots and will always choose a home-cooked meal deep fried and slathered in bacon grease. Happy eating, y’all!

Graham Luker

Graham will try anything once. He grew up on southern struggle meals that later became comfort food, so you could say he's easy to please. He believes the most important ingredient to any dish is heart. Not a literal heart… the metaphorical kind. The Hateful Heifers don't eat hearts… Well some would try it once… maybe.


Jilly Harris

Jilly did not grow up tasting new things or being particularly adventurous when it came to eating. Trying sushi (think more California roll than eel or octopus) was the extent of her “adventures”. Other than an occasional visit for a convention in different cities, it wasn’t until after she moved to Lancaster in 2008 when she really started opening her palate to new things. Her most recent foodie adventure was enjoying all the delicious foods in Korea where she spent two weeks.

Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan loves going on food adventures even if his preferences would win him the award "most likely to order chicken tenders at every restaurant". Besides the aforementioned chicken tenders he loves coffee, just about anything a Hobbit would enjoy, and French cuisine; if he could, he would eat nothing but French pâtisserie. And though his palate may not be the most refined, he still has a blast having a meal with good friends and trying new foods!

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