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Root - Lancaster, PA

After having been asked to review a vegan restaurant, four of us went to Root in Lancaster last night. Please keep in mind that this review is written from the perspective of omnivores. Jilly and I got there a little earlier than Graham and Jonathan, so we went inside and got a table. Root is a fun place to eat. Walking in you’re greeted with chalkboard menus and bright artwork. This is a seat-yourself kind of place. We ordered drinks and took our time looking over the menu while waiting.

Once the others arrived, we ordered a Margherita pizza to share as an appetizer. There was a great bake on the dough and the marinara on it was tasty. I am not a big fan of vegan cheese, though, and we all agreed it was kind of “gluey” in the mouth.

For mains, Graham and I both ordered the Tofish Tacos, which are tacos made with crispy tofu, a lemon-dill aioli, and a vinegar slaw. The tacos were heavy on the pickled cabbage and light on any other seasonings. I would have liked to have had more flavor in the tofu itself. Other than the slaw, the tacos were on the bland side for us both. The fries on the side were delicious.

Jonathan tried the Big Mic. This is an Impossible Burger patty served on a roll with their special sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Jonathan’s only quibble with his meal was the diced lettuce, which he said kept falling out of the burger. It looked and smelled really good.

Jilly went with the Power Salad. She said she enjoyed it but would have liked the dressing on the side rather than having it pre-dressed. The vinaigrette was a little overpowering for the rest of the dish, but she said it was very good. It was a pretty plate at the table.

The staff was great and friendly. I would suggest, though, that diners be given the opportunity to look at the bill before being asked for their card at the table. Everything is done through a tablet and Square. I paid because it sounded like the right amount, but I had no idea if it was. And the receipt through Square does not give an itemized bill. I know it sounds nitpicky, but I have had additional items showing on bills (eg: charged three times for a single drink) and I have had items that were left off of bills that needed to be added (eg: ordered a starter and it wasn’t on there).

Root seems like a solid vegan option in Lancaster. It’s bright and friendly. We got there early when it was still somewhat slow, but by the time we left, it was hopping. I’d recommend it, just remember to ask for the dressing on the side!

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