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Restaurant 1890 - London, UK

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Restaurant 1890 was the restaurant I was looking forward to the most on this trip to London. And, after my day of wandering all over London trying to replace the phone that had been stolen the night before, a quiet, relaxing dinner here was just what I needed.


First, the Savoy Hotel made me smile even before I entered the lobby. There was “snow” falling in the front area, which was a fun touch.


I was seated with a great view of the theater next door. I love people-watching, and I really love seeing who goes to the theater. It always makes me happy to see multiple generations going together to see a show.


Now, my pictures are going to be crap. Sorry about that, but I refuse to use my flash and be an irritant to others in a restaurant like this. It was also my first time taking photos with the phone I’d gotten to replace the one pinched from me the night before, and in a dimly lit restaurant. Not the best combination for good pictures! I would love to go back and take some proper photos at some point soon.


I already knew that Restaurant 1890 only does tasting menus, but the night I was there it was carte blanche (for the chef). Each dish was a surprise and everything was inspired by Auguste Escoffier, who was essentially THE French chef. To hear that made this not-so-little foodie’s heart skip a beat with joy.


The meal started out with an amuse-bouche of lobster cornetto with beef, truffle, artichoke, chicken liver, gingerbread, and marmalade. I normally do not care for liver, but this? I would have happily packed away a few cornettos (cornetti?).


Next was the Cornish crab. I did not get a shot of this, but it was a lovely bit of crab salad served with tiny biscuits. You were to put the crab onto the biscuit. There was crab leftover and I would have shoveled it all into my mouth, but experience has taught me to pace myself when doing a tasting menu. But it was SO tempting!


Next were Parker House rolls with butter. Solid, but nothing to write home about. However, carbs are never wrong.


After that was a consommé followed by what I would call a deconstructed bouillabaisse. The seafood was so very fresh. The bouillabaisse was probably my favorite course of the evening.


The next dish was the only one I didn’t enjoy fully and that’s only because I don’t care for the texture of squab. I did have some of the dish and it was flavorful and perfectly executed, but to me squab is just too bouncy and almost squeaky in the mouth. I know that’s probably a weird way to describe it, but that’s how it’s always felt to me.


We wrapped up with Mont D’Or, a cheese plate. I went ahead and asked for the addition of truffles to this course and I was very happy with it. I don’t like truffle oil – it tastes artificial. But the real stuff? Freshly shaved onto the plate? Delightful!


Finally, I ended with a Muscat Melba and a sweet from the kitchen.


This was a day. I started it wandering all over London and then, after finally replacing my phone, I found an ale and a nap before getting ready for dinner. To end it with dinner at Restaurant 1890 was perfect. I spent hours just enjoying the ambience, watching the people outside, and savoring every bite I took.


Was it expensive? Oh, yes. Drinks were less than I expected, so the meal came to just over £330 (about $420 USD). And it was worth every single pence that I spent. I would dine here again in a heartbeat.

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