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Mad Chef Craft Brewing - East Petersburg, PA

On my way home from rehearsal for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Saturday I found myself craving a beer and a burger. Something simple but hearty. It had been a hot day and I think my body was just demanding carbs. I Googled for something close to my route on the way home.

However, as I made the turn-off of 72 to head to the restaurant I’d found, I saw Mad Chef Craft Brewing. I went a block down and turned around. The parking lot looked very full, which is usually a great sign at 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon.

When I went inside, I was told my best bet was to sit at the bar. I did just that and was immediately greeted by a smiling server. I ordered a beer and when I told her I wasn’t opening a tab since I’d been outside all day and still needed to drive home, she asked if I wanted a glass of water, too. Yes, yes I did!

I ordered the Steak Tip Sandwich, with fries and a malt aioli. The sandwich was fantastic. Sloppy, sure, but definitely tasty and it hit the spot. It also came with a pile of pickles that were definitely welcome after such a hot day. The only downside to the meal was that the fries were not hot. They were barely warm. The aioli that came with them, though, was tasty, and the fries themselves weren’t bad. I just prefer to have hot fries.

Definitely a place to come back to, especially now that I know it is literally on my way home from rehearsal. Next time, I’ll bring friends!

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