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Ketch Grill & Tap – San Diego, CA

Day two in San Diego started off with a light (and free) hotel breakfast before I headed down to catch a boat to go on a whale-watching trip. I was so glad I brought a sweatshirt with me because while the day was gorgeous, it did get a little chilly – even for me – out on the water. We spent almost 4 hours on the water and saw so much more than I expected: two humpback whales, one grey whale, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, and dolphins in training with the US Navy. We got close enough to the humpbacks that I learned just how bad whale breath smells. It was an incredible experience!

I knew after whale watching I wanted to tour some of the antique/classic boats and take a guided tour of the bay. Before that, though, I needed to find sustenance. I was hungry! I ended up at Ketch Grill & Taps.

For a starter, I ordered the shrimp cocktail. It was a generous portion of okay shrimp. Nothing to write home about. I’m sure these were frozen and were not at all fresh, but they weren’t terrible. Just okay. Realizing that this restaurant is part of a chain, this was something I’d actually order again there if I came with friends.

The main I ordered, however, was another story. I want to reiterate that I almost never send anything back or complain at the time, but I ordered seared ahi and it was inedible. It was overcooked and rubbery. Ahi should be tender and not bounce back in the mouth. This time I did send the item back and asked for their flatbread and kettle chips. Once I took off the overcooked and chewy shreds of beef, the flatbread was okay. So I pushed the beef aside and ate the rest. The kettle chips were fantastic. I’d have loved to have had a bag to take back to my room with me.

I noticed the bill was less than I’d expected, so I asked about it. The server had been kind and did not charge me for the chips as a way to make up for the disappointing experience I’d had with the ahi. And no, the ahi was not on the bill at all. Really good service. The food did not match up with that, though. This is another place where I would come with friends, but it would be for the time spent with them and not for the food.

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