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C'est la Vie - Lancaster, PA

Originally posted 11/03/2022

Came home last night to some sad news, so I wasn't much in the mood then to capture our meal at C'est La Vie. Here are the notes!

First, C'est La Vie is one of my favorite restaurants in Lancaster, PA. It has been hard to find really good restaurants here, but this is one of them.

I met up with Alex and Barbara for an after-work dinner. We started with shared starters: a charcuterie board (everything on the board was described to us), roasted cauliflower (purple and white), and mussels beurre monte. There was a *lot* of food just in the starters, and they were all so good. I do love the mussels at C'est La Vie. I miss oysters, but mussels are good, too.

I ordered the salmon for my main - I'm slowly working my way through the menu. While the Coquille Saint Jacques sounds interesting, there's still a part of me that has a problem with seafood and cheese together. Eventually, I will give in and try it! The salmon was very good and the ragout was great. The potatoes were a little on the dry side, though, and I think at this point in the year we need to give up on asparagus and go on to another seasonal vegetable. I love asparagus, but it was a little too woody and hard to cut.

For dessert, I had the crème brûlée. C'est La Vie's version rivals the best one I ever had at One if By Land, Two if By Sea. That crack. That lovely toasted marshmallow flavor and the burnt sugar that melts on your tongue. Combine that with a decent brandy and I am a happy camper.

All in all, a fantastic meal. I've never been disappointed at this restaurant and look forward to going again.

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