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Buon Appetito - San Diego, CA

I had a meeting for work in Carlsbad, CA last week and decided that since San Diego is the one major California city that I haven’t been to, I would spend a couple of days there after the meeting.

I spent Thursday working from the hotel in Carlsbad in the morning, getting a train to San Diego, working a bit from the hotel there, then deciding I needed to find sustenance. Buon Appetito had been recommended by family, so I thought it would be a great way to start a long weekend.

Since I was staying at a hotel in Little Italy, the walk was not far. I made reservations and strolled up the little hill to Buon Appetito. I was seated quickly, outside, near the street. Since the sun was starting to go down, the staff started turning on the heaters, which made the area very comfortable. The best part of where I was sitting, though, was the adorable pup in the car that drove past, just chilling out the car window and living its best life. Warm bread was brought out to accompany the wine I’d ordered. It was lovely to sit there, looking out over the hustle and bustle of the area, sipping wine, and enjoying good bread. I started with arancini, which came out quickly. This is a lot to start with – I only ate one arancino since I wanted to save room for the main and dessert. It was a great way to start.

Next, I ordered the griglia mista, a mixed seafood grill. After the arancini were removed, I waited for the main. And I waited. And waited. It took a little over 40 minutes for the main to appear. The server had kept me up to date while I waited, though, letting me know I hadn’t actually been forgotten. But when the griglia mista came, I was disappointed. It wasn’t worth the wait. The seafood was overcooked and oversalted. I left most of it on the plate. I finished up with a cheesecake, which was a great way to end the meal. I finished up, paid the bill, and wandered back down toward the hotel for an early bedtime. Not a bad way to spend the first evening in San Diego.

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