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LUCA - Lancaster, PA

Originally posted 11//17/2022

All right – LUCA. This is a restaurant I have been to many times and have always enjoyed the experience. The food is usually spot on and I haven’t had many misses there.

I went to dinner tonight with Alex and we were able to get a table for 7:15. As always, LUCA is busy! This is not a place to come to if you are looking for quiet conversation and a relaxing atmosphere. It is hopping and full of energy.

We started with burrata with focaccia and carpaccio. I’ve had both before. The carpaccio, as always, did not disappoint. The way LUCA prepares the beef here is one of my favorites. It is melt-in-your-mouth tender and I love the garnishes. Capers are underrated and need to be appreciated more! The burrata, on the other hand, surprised me. This was not a traditional burrata this time. It was presented in small balls, which I was not expecting. The stracciatella was firmer than I expected. Tasty, but different.

I had the zucca raviolo. This came with three filled areas – I’m not sure it counts as a single raviolo if it’s really three ravioli that just weren’t cut apart, though. The pasta was done perfectly al dente and the rosemary-brown butter was lovely. I would have loved more seasoning in the filling, which was a little too bland for me. Adding some of the rosemary to at least the ricotta would have elevated the dish.

For dessert, I had the “zeppolina”. They looked great and were served with a marscapone/concord grape dip. This isn’t a dessert I will get again, though. It was simultaneously greasy, light, and undercooked. It was confusion in the mouth and I just didn’t enjoy it.

All in all, I enjoyed dinner. It wasn’t what we’d had before, but not every experience can always be top-notch. But it is a good solid restaurant for a good meal in Lancaster, and it remains on my favorites list.

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