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Plough Lancaster - Lancaster, PA

Originally posted 01/21/2022

Plough Lancaster, where did it go wrong?

I was looking forward to eating here with Alex, my favorite dining-partner-in-crime. The reviews looked good. Friends had good things to say about it.

Maybe it was an off night.

The service, first of all, was impeccable. The people who work at Plough Lancaster are fantastic. Pleasant, informative, and helpful. If I went back, it would be based on the service alone. I have NOTHING negative to say about service. The people were amazing.

The food is another story altogether.

First, our entrees came out before the apps (apps: cheese plate and lamb kebobs).

Second, I ordered venison. I expected venison. I got this weird shredded meat dish with pickled vegetables. Tasty, but not what I expected based on the way the dish was described. I left more than half of it on the plate.

Third, we got the apps after the entrees (they'd come as we were served the entrees and I asked to wait). The lamb was so dry at that point, it was acting as a chamois at the local car wash. The cheese had that nasty skin that it gets when it sits out. If I had had that cheese plate out at a party at my house, I would have thrown it out.

I do not complain at restaurants, normally (and I have lots of people to vouch for me here!) . This time I sent the cheese back.

The replacement cheese was just a little less old. Still a skin on it, but not quite as bad. The peppers were still nasty and the jam tasted like it was a discount brand that was quickly scooped up when it was realized a sweet was needed on the plate.

Alex and I were just amused at this point. We are both easy to please. I don't want to cause issues. I just want to have a nice meal.

So, we ordered a dessert to share. And it came out and it was good. There was a somewhat salty, savory bit on top of the pudding and we asked what it was, because we both really enjoyed it.

It was fried sage.

It wasn't supposed to be there.

And it was the best part of the whole damn meal.

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