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Double C - Lancaster, PA

It’s been a little while since Alex and I have had the opportunity to go out to dinner together. Last night, we headed to Double C in Lancaster for something that looked a little more causal, but fun.

Double C is a cute space. Lots of whimsical skeleton art decorates the walls. The space itself is warm and inviting. We were early for our reservation but seated quickly at the back of the restaurant. The staff took our drink orders and gave us plenty of time to decide what we wanted to eat.

The margaritas are good. Alex had the blueberry margarita, which was last night’s special, and I had the mezcal margarita, complete with worm salt rim.

For starters, we went with a few things: Ceviche, Chips & Salsa, and Hand Cut Pig Fat Fried Potatoes. The ceviche was tasty, but the shrimp had an odd texture to it, which I, at first attributed to the ingredients in the ceviche. The chips that accompanied the ceviche and were in the chips & salsa were delicious. Alex wanted a bottle of whatever seasoning they used on them. My only quibble was that the chips were just this side of burnt. The queso was also tasty, but gritty. Certain cheeses just don’t melt well. The salsa, though, was fantastic. The potatoes were good, but the real star was the chipotle mayo. I wanted to slather that all over everything.

For dinner, Alex ordered the 50/50 Ground Beef and Suffolk Lamb Burger. I ordered the Wild Caught Shrimp Tacos. He said his burger was very good. However, for $ 20 (cheese was $ 2 to add to the burger), I really would have expected it to come with more than just lettuce on it. A slice of heirloom tomato (or even just a nice ripe basic tomato) would have been nice. The salad that came on the side was swimming in dressing. When it first arrived at the table, it looked like a small bowl of cream sauce with toppings.

The shrimp tacos were a serious disappointment. The shrimp were so mealy and mushy that it was unpleasant to eat. I know not to expect fresh shrimp this far inland, but these were the worst shrimp in any dish I’ve had locally. I took two bites and left the plate otherwise untouched.

After all the fried food we’d had for starters, we skipped dessert. As it is, I’m going to need to take some extra laps during lunch today!

I would recommend Double C for drinks and starters. I do want to go back to have a drink at the bar with some chips & salsa.

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