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Casa Guadalajara - San Diego, CA

I spent my third day in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo. The day started before the zoo opened with a Crazy About Cats tour that included some time spent “backstage” with a handler, getting to see and talk about things that you normally don’t when visiting a zoo. I spent nine hours there and could have spent even more. I would love to get back here and see everything that I missed, as well as visit the Safari Park.

While I’d had a nice sit-down brunch inside the zoo, I was definitely ready for a meal by the time I left, so I Ubered on over to Casa Guadalajara on the recommendation of a former coworker. I am not unhappy with how the meal went! I didn’t have a reservation, so I ended up waiting about 15 minutes or so for a table, which is fantastic at around 6 pm on a Saturday night. The place smelled amazing and there are people making tortillas up front, where you can see.

I ordered one of the specialty margaritas. I ordered a medium and a vat was brought to my table. I wanted to finish it, I really did, but there was just no way that was happening while allowing me to remain upright. Along with the margarita came my starter, the shrimp ceviche. This is a hard dish to make a mistake on and it came out flavorful and fresh, with pieces of crispy corn tortillas.

For dinner, I ordered beef fajitas. This was fairly standard, but the corn tortillas that accompanied it were far better than anything I’d had in a while. Were they up to the tortilleria standards from where we could get them fresh off the chain? Close, actually. Very close. I skipped dessert. There was no way I could eat anything else after all that!

Casa Guadalajara does solid Tex Mex. Is it amazing? No, but it is a decent place to go. The food was good. The atmosphere was fun. The service was great and the mariachi band was a nice touch. I’ll happily go back for dinner or drinks the next time I’m in the area.

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