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Brigantine – San Diego, CA

How did I forget to document lunch on day one in San Diego? Once I got to San Diego and checked in, I wandered down toward the Embarcadero to find something to eat. I ended up at Brigantine at Portside Pier, which had no waiting. This worked for me. I was hungry and didn’t know just how late I’d be making dinner reservations for that evening.

The server was great. She was super friendly and was quick to give me recommendations. Since I was on vacation, I started with a mai tai, which came quickly and was a wonderful way to start lunch. I had a seat with a great view of the port, so I was ready to relax.

I started with oysters, and I should have passed on them. The oysters were watery and had no flavor at all. The server said they should have had a somewhat “watermelon” flavor, but there was nothing there. It was like taking a sip of cold, lightly salted water. I know I’ve been spoiled with having some fantastic oysters on the east coast, but I was really hopeful that I’d find some good ones in San Diego. No joy there.

After that, I had artichoke fritters. These were tasty, but light on the artichoke and heavy on the fritter. I could see downing a plate of these with a couple of beers on a summer evening. The flavor was very good and hit the spot. For lunch itself, I had the lobster tempura tacos. The blue corn tortillas were good. We really don’t get good tortillas in Pennsylvania, and these were fairly decent. But the lobster tempura itself was underwhelming. By the time it got to my table, it was mushy, which just didn’t sit well with me at all. The fries were good, though the vegetables tasted like old fish.

I wasn’t in the mood for dessert, since I wanted to get back to the hotel. My waistline isn’t unhappy with me about that!

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