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Amorette - Chef's Table Experience

Originally posted 04/24/2022

Notes for 2023:

  • Amorette has shuttered its doors and has been replaced by 401 Prime. There will be reviews for the new restaurant!

  • I did not get great pictures of all of the courses, so a few are missing from the gallery.

So, a review of our recent trip to Amorette. I know Deborah has been waiting for it! Look at my feed for pictures. I'm no Michael, but I hope I got a few decent shots of our dinner on Thursday.

Alex and I got there a little before Graham and Jonathan, so after we were greeted enthusiastically at the front, we settled into the lounge with a drink and snacks. The lounge is lovely and relaxing and a great place to have a drink and talk.

Once everyone arrived and we’d had a cocktail, we were escorted to the chef’s table, adjacent to the kitchen. The staff at Amorette is amazing. Our server was wonderful and the sommelier, Thierry, is knowledgeable and friendly and so much fun to listen to.

By the end of the meal, we were conversing with the chefs (D&D does bring people together!) and having an amazing time. I may have been a little tipsy by the end, as well – 10 courses and 8 different wines will do that to a person.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – the food and the service at Amorette are reminiscent of some of the best restaurants I have been to in New York. I do believe it has edged out One if By Land, Two if By Sea as my favorite restaurant at this point. At the same time, the service is not intimidating. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Onto the food!

The amuse bouche was the same as on our last visit, which I think made us all very happy. Who could be unhappy with a bonsai full of delicacies? Pickled quail eggs and sesame cones full of goat cheese and blueberries started everything off right.

The bread was also the same, as was the butter, both of which were delicious. The bread is light and fluffy and the butter is something I wouldn’t mind bathing in. It’s just that good.

The third course was oysters. I eyed the plate with some trepidation. I do not like oysters at all. It’s a texture thing. To me, they are the equivalent of salty snot. Really not something I want to ingest. But, as I have said, I will try anything once (I’ve had some amazing things and some really disgusting things this way). So, I tried one of the three oysters presented. And it was good. It was better than good. The flavors popped. I ate all three and would have eaten more!

The fourth course made me so very happy. I love a good scallop crudo and this was a seared scallop with some delightful flavors. The presentation was fun, too, but what I really loved was the scent. It all just smelled fresh and oceany.

The next course was ahi tartare. I was already staring to slow down a little here and realized I needed to pace myself so I could taste all the courses. Every course served is a full serving, not a tiny nibble. The ahi was delicious and I loved how the peanuts added a contrasting texture to the tuna.

Pork belly came next. The only pork belly I’ve had before has been less than stellar and included in a bowl of ramen. This pork belly melted as it hit the tongue. It was accompanied by one of my favorite veggies – beets! The beet greens gave a nice contrast as well and the beet ketchup was scrumptious.

Onto course seven – wagyu tenderloin. The meat was cooked to perfection. I was actually a little sad I could not find space to eat the whole thing. But do not fear – it was not wasted - others helped me out! It was flavorful and tender and accompanied by a presse of potatoes and truffle whose number of layers was discussed at length.

Onto the palate cleanser. I hope Amorette keeps this course for a long while. The sorbet is lovely, but the pop rocks are so much fun!

There were two dessert courses and both were incredible. The almond nougatine with ice cream and the chamomile tea panna cotta finished off the meal on a high note.

There wasn’t a single misstep in the entire meal. Add to that how incredible the staff is and how fantastic the chefs are, I would highly recommend Amorette to anyone. Go to the lounge and enjoy an evening. Order ala carte. Order a tasting menu. Do the chef’s table. I don’t think you will be disappointed by any of the experiences here.

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