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Amorette - Lancaster, PA

Originally posted 03/03/2022

So, Amorette.

First, the restaurant started off fantastically when they called me this afternoon to see if anyone in our party had allergies. That kind of attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Second, I got there early. Since I knew I wanted to do wine pairings with dinner, I took a Lyft. Usually, Lyft takes forever to get to my house. Not tonight! So, I was there a good half-hour early. I was escorted to the lounge to enjoy a delightful drink (the Violet Vibrance) while waiting.

Alex and Jonathan joined me in the lounge and we were escorted to our table at our reservation time. From the start, the staff was welcoming and more than happy to explain anything we had questions on.

We went with the 6-course tasting menu. It. Was. Amazing. I'll add pictures to this post shortly. My two favorite courses were the Barely Cooked Scallop and the Elk Tenderloin. I will happily think about both of those courses for a while! The only stumbling block for me in the entire meal was the Lamb Tartare. The flavors were amazing, and I could eat mustard ice cream forever, but the texture of the lamb and olives, combined with the temperature, made it harder for me to enjoy compared to the other courses. I still ate nearly half of the plate, though!

Dessert? Oh, yes, please. The Chamomile Panna Cotta was the perfect end to the meal.

Plus, we asked for wine pairings with each course, in a journey that covered the globe. I haven't had a sauterne in a while and had forgotten just how much I enjoy it.

All in all - highly recommended. The service was beyond impeccable, the staff was knowledgeable, the food was incredible, and we were sent home with long-stemmed roses and homemade sour jelly candy.

10/10, would eat there again and will in the near future!

ETA: I almost forgot the amuse bouche! It was presented as a bonsai on the table: pickled quail eggs and a cone with blueberries and goat cheese and just so much wonderful flavor. I think Jonathan got a picture, I didn't and I am sad!

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